Immersive Wisdom®: Real-time GEOSPATIAL Collaboration and Intelligence


Immersive Wisdom® is an enterprise software platform that allows users to collaborate in real-time upon diverse data sets and applications within a temporal and geospatially-aware Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality space. Immersive Wisdom is hardware-agnostic and runs on VR, AR, as well as 2D displays.

Regardless of geographic location, multiple users can be together in a shared virtual workspace, standing on maps, with instant access to relevant information from any available source. Users can simultaneously, and in real time, visualize, fuse, and act upon sensor inputs, cyber/network data, IoT feeds, enterprise applications, telemetry, tagged assets, 3D Models, LiDAR, imagery and UAV footage/streaming video, providing an omniscient, collaborative view of complex environments.

Immersive Wisdom also acts as a natural human interface to multi-dimensional data sets generated by AI and machine learning systems. The platform includes a powerful SDK (Software Developer Kit) that enables the creation of customer-specific workflows as well as rapid integration with existing data sources/applications.

Immersive Wisdom applications include:


Battlespace Situational Awareness & ISR

Mission Planning and Execution (including with Remote Users)

Intelligence Analysis (Pattern of life/GEOINT/Multi-INT analysis)


Real-Time Virtual Operations Centers

Cybersecurity Operations and Network Threat Analysis (Virtual SOC)

Logistics and Supply Chain Intelligence

Drone Management and Collaboration